2016 Speaking and Workshop Engagements

Women In Technology International, San Jose, CA, June 2016

“Moving From Hero To Coach”, The World Bank Group, Human Resources Conference: The Workforce Awakens, Washington, DC, April 2016

21st Century Leadership Skills, New York City, April 2016 (public workshop)

Resilience and Self-Leadership, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, March 2016

“Tim and Meg’s workshop at our conference of World Bank Group human resources managers brought the principles of conscious leadership to a diverse group of leaders from around the world. Inspiring and enthusiastic, they showed participants how to move from simply putting out daily HR fires to creating a culture where people learn to be more effective and help themselves without the drama. Their presentation was practical and immediately applicable to our work here.” Ruth Grove, The World Bank Group Human Resources Manager

     “Meg Dennison’s 21st Century Leadership Skills can focus and accelerate your effectiveness while you expand your embodied experience of well being.  I highly recommend her workshops,”  Kathlyn Hendricks, CEO, The Hendricks Institute

“An excellent opportunity to refresh my leadership and team building skills, while adding new perspectives and mentoring tools to work with on myself and for the organization,” Paul R. Guitard, Business Development Officer, Woodmeister Master Builders, Boston

“We hired Meg and Tim after attending their 21st Century Leadership Workshop. We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning for everyone in the company. Working with Tim and Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy, winning an important new client and shifting existing clients towards a new model, while creating the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace.” Adam Bouchard, CEO and founder, Agilion.com

My speaking and workshops are highly interactive and engaging with immediate audience take-aways. They are delivered in 30-60 minute talks or we can put together a half or full day workshop around a theme.  Click here to email me for availability.


The One Key Move To Transform Your Relationships (And No One Else Needs To Know!)

What do you do when your partner makes a simple bid to connect with you, like pointing out a colorful bird or pretty flower? How often you respond to such small requests for connection over the course of a day has a bigger impact than you might imagine. One study indicates that how often you meet these bids for attention determines the length of a marriage. In this workshop, we’ll explore how consciously – and physically — Turning Toward Your Partner and others in your life improves the relationship. You will learn how to create a practice of Turning Toward (your partner, child, co-worker) and experience the feeling of creating presence and strengthening connection with others in the business of daily life.

Meg was confident and authentic.  She shared powerful stuff, and it was a great reminder to notice what exactly I do when people ask for my attention. Oxana Holtmann, co-founder, Genius Xpat 

Melting Fear to Stay Present In Work and Life

Humans are hardwired to look for danger. While that saved our ancestors from being eaten by tigers, it doesn’t always serve us in our every day lives or when we want to present our best selves at work.  FEAR is a huge roadblock to innovation and engagement at work, and even meeting new neighbors or dealing with difficult situations.

In this workshop, you’ll recognize when you and others are in fear.  You’ll learn your personal Fear Signature,  notice how it shows up and affects your performance at work and in everyday life.  You’ll learn how to shift yourself out of fear and into an open state of learning, one of the key traits of resilience. Moving through fear, you open yourself to new possibilities and become more creative. When you are not in the grip of fear, you are happier, more energized and productive at work and in your personal relationships!

Funny enough, the day after the class I was on the Dr. Oz show with my cousin!  We were freaking out and so nervous but don’t you know, backstage, I started teaching her the movements. It was amazing!! The best one was the welcome movement which was pretty appropriate, considering I was about to faint. I was breathing and doing everything I could but this was the one that WORKED!! We caused quite a stir and I was telling everyone there about the seminar. It was super fun and I really wanted to share that with you. Thank you. –– Laura Barker, owner, Dot Reeder, upscale Montclair, NJ, clothing boutique

“I really enjoyed Meg’s presentation and have been thinking about how fear shows up in my business. It brought me greater awareness of my fear response allowing me to choose a different one. I walked away with a valuable tool to use in my everyday life! Great speaker and topic!” — participant, Melting Fear for Entrepreneurial Success, Believe, Inspire, Grow, South Orange/Maplewood, NJ

Speaking topics: 

  • Freeing Yourself  and Your Team From Drama For More Creative and Problem-Solving Energy
  • Discovering Genius: Finding What You Love And Bringing It Into Your Work and Life
  • Above & Below the Line: Cultivate Curiosity Through Openness to Learning
  • Add Body Intelligence To Boost the Effectiveness of Your EQ and IQ (Or What Are Your Feelings Really Saying?)
  • Best Date Ever: Creating Awesome Business Relationships
  • Keeping the Conversation Going: How To Build  A Generative Conversation
  • Hack Your Fear Signature For Innovation and Engagement