Tim and Meg’s workshop at our conference of World Bank Group human resources managers brought the principles of conscious leadership to a diverse group of leaders from around the world. Inspiring and enthusiastic, they showed participants how to move from simply putting out daily HR fires to creating a culture where people learn to be more effective and help themselves without the drama. Their presentation was practical and immediately applicable to our work here. Ruth Grove, The World Bank Group Human Resources Manager

The workshop was very good.  Meg was organized and an excellent coach in guiding people through their examples. The most important takeaway for me was that I can apply this logic to all areas of my life, not just work. It empowered me and gave me tools on how to deal with life situations and people. Anastasia Jones, Foodstate Inc., Manchester, NH 

During our two-day partner retreat, Tim and Meg taught us conscious communication tools and helped us get really clear on what we wanted for the business and for ourselves at a time when our business was not growing the way we thought it should. They helped us express our frustrations, appreciations and craft a plan for moving forward. Aleesa Daley, CEO, Playa Technologies, Los Angeles

Conscious leadership training for our Fourthwave entrepreneurs has been a powerful way to help participants cultivate self-reflection uncommon in startup programs, but vital to sustainable culture. Meg and Tim’s real time experience came through in the classroom, as well as in one-on-one coaching that’s creating enormous benefits for our CEOs. Tracy Saville, co-founder, accelerator for women entrepreneurs

Working with Meg has boosted my career in ways I never imagined.  I’m now fully seeing myself as the effective and inspiring leader I’ve always been. The conscious leadership practices I’ve brought to my team at a large public organization are making a noticeable difference in how we talk and work with each other. I’ve also learned to effectively manage my energy for greater productivity and less stress, so I’m happier at work and at home. Nicole Butler, consultant to The Newark Public Library.

Agilion hired Tim and Meg after participating in their 21st Century Leadership Skills workshop. We wanted to create a company with a compelling culture of purpose and meaning for everyone in the company. Working with Tim and Meg opened new possibilities for how to make that transition and allowed us to quickly activate our strategy, winning an important new client and shifting existing clients towards a new model, while creating the culture we wanted for our ideal workplace. Adam Bouchard, co-founder

Meg came in and taught our small team conscious leadership concepts. She adapted the material from our feedback and mixed up the conceptual ideas with practical exercises well. Meg communicated why the material was important for teams and when and how to implement the exercises. Getting buy-in for the softer sides of culture is difficult, but valuable. Meg makes it easy.  Danny An, co-founder, Zentrusts of San Francisco

Meg spoke to our group several times about emotional intelligence, fear, and the drama triangle — all important topics for people in transition. Every time, she engaged even the reluctant attendees with warmth and humor.  With every topic, Meg provided actionable behavior-changing steps that people could use in their daily lives.  I have enjoyed and learned from each of her presentations. Tony Calabrese, Maplewood Professionals in Transition

Meg’s 21st Century Leadership Skills workshop was one of the best things I did for myself and my business this year.  I had been struggling with being overwhelmed, keeping my staff engaged and tracking client retention.  This workshop gave me the tools I needed to create a conversation with my employees, to resolve problems and take responsibility for the results.  Jessica Walker, owner Plaza Salon and Spa, Bernardsville, NJ. 

Working with Meg was a highlight of my year taking the dive into figuring our what I wanted after divorce. Meg is direct and loving at the same time and she helped me move toward my new vision of myself.  Stacey Steele, Duxbury, MA

Meg’s an expert listener.  She’ll challenge your irrational assumptions and help you safely confront your fears, establish healthier patterns and move through change. Regina Decorte,  Hoboken, NJ

Dynamic, responsive, energetic.  One of Meg’s greatest strengths is how fully she listens and turns me toward my own journey, my own strengths and agendas that I hadn’t realized I was unconsciously following.    Her wisdom has helped guide me to a more centered and grounded way of dealing with the challenges in my day-to-day world, as a parent, as a partner, and as a surgeon dealing with difficult patients and administrative challenges.  It is remarkable how much fun I had while learning with Meg’s support. Dr. Roderick Syme, MD, Ottawa surgeon

Insightful and perceptive.  That’s how I experienced Meg as a coach. She cuts to the chase and is quick to assess the issue.  When I was angry about a board member’s attitude toward clients, exaggerating my issues on the drama triangle  got me out of my head. Physically stepping into another space broke the repeating cycle. The tie-in between the physical and thought process was invaluable.  Audrey Winkler, Principal, OMG! Organizational Management Group

Meg challenges me with humor and warmth. She’s constantly wondering about the feelings behind my story and pushes me to love the ugly parts. Meg’s creative ideas and willingness to be model whole body wisdom invites me to trust my feelings to make the best decisions across the board.  Anne Boyce, Organizational and Leadership Consultant

Meg is a talented writer who writes effectively and eloquently about the challenges of maintaining a long-term relationship. Her regular blogs drew a large audience and covered a wide range of topics, all aimed at helping people enjoy a successful marriage or relationship.  Shelley Emling, Senior Editor, Huffington Post